A Message From Parthi

Dear Friends,

I am filled with deep gratitude and would like to thank you for electing me to represent Scarborough Southwest at City Hall. I am honoured and immensely proud to serve as Councillor for our great community.

As I reflect on the last three months, I have learned so much more about our community and the incredible people who make Scarborough Southwest the great place it is. I am inspired by your stories and even more motivated to have an impact at City Hall after listening to your concerns and ideas to solve the issues we face together.

I also want to express my deepest thanks to my campaign team, supporters and the countless volunteers who made it all possible. Your unwavering support and dedication to keep things moving was a daily reminder to me that anything is possible when so many people believe in you. 

In the coming weeks, I will be opening our Constituency Office in the ward and hope that you will stop in and say hello.

Thank you!