My family chose Scarborough more than 35 years ago. All my memories are here: going to school, building my career, getting married, buying our home, and now, raising our daughter here too. 

Having parents as teachers, I learned early on about fairness, hard work and dedication to public service. This led me to become a teacher, and my wife, Anu, is a professor at York University in the Child and Youth Studies department.

In 2014, our community was calling for change at the Toronto District School Board. With your support I was elected as school Trustee and served on a platform rooted in leadership, ethics, fairness and accountability. I am proud to have served as your school Trustee and was re-elected in 2018. I used my role to provide important guidance, governance initiatives and budget reform.

Leadership for the Big Decisions:

As Trustee, my colleagues entrusted me with the leadership of Chairing the committee to search and hire the Director of Education for the TDSB. This is the most significant and consequential decision made by any Board of Trustees.

I was also tasked as Chair of the Budget from 2020 – 2022, a period of great challenge as we navigated the complexity of COVID. 

Similarly, our ward had only a few French Immersion programs. Using data driven facts and an informed strong voice I was able to triple the number of these programs in Scarborough Southwest. 

During COVID, I successfully championed the Toronto District School Board’s stepped up response to areas of high transmission and hot zones, thereby keeping teachers and students safer, with fewer interruptions to an already difficult learning scenario.

Reform-minded Initiatives:

When I Chaired the TDSB’s first ever Board Self-Assessment Committee, there were some questions about why I would get behind a project that could potentially result in criticism of the board I served on. What always matters to me is getting the best results, and not being afraid to put the spotlight on receiving criticism. I’m open to reform that makes things better. Transparency, clarity and accountability are core values of my public service.

Community Involvement:

As Trustee, I was regularly accessible to parents, school councils and entire school communities. I consistently hosted town halls, both in-person and virtually, connecting with parents, schools, senior TDSB staff and subject matter experts.

I have experience listening to a wide variety of perspectives and taking action to implement plans that bring about consensus and collective growth. As a dedicated teacher, Trustee and community leader who has proven commitment to serving Scarborough Southwest, I will actively respond to the interests of all our neighbourhoods and our city.

Robust community consultation is the hallmark of inclusive decision making and I ensured this practice was integral to the important decisions before the TDSB, parents and students. My close connections to schools and communities across our ward gave me valuable insight to the unique character, challenges and successes in each community. Approachability is key to how I collaborate.